Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The UN has become a Temple of Tyrants, not Peacemakers

Once upon a time, the United Nations believed in human rights for everyone, everywhere. It believed in fighting against acts of aggression, everywhere. Once upon a time, the United Nations believed it could end war. 

We know the UN believed it could do all these things because its Member states put all of this into its founding document, the UN Charter (June 26, 1945). This Charter was--and still is--clear: the UN had been created to end the horrors of war. 

It has proven to be a fool's dream. Since 1945, the world has not seen an end to war. It's seen more war. 

The UN dreamed of universal human rights. It dreamed of universal equal rights. It declared that these rights for all were "the foundation of freedom, justice and peace [emphasis added]" (Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Preamble, un.org, December 10, 1948). 

It was a futile declaration. Since 1945, freedom, justice and peace have neither taken root nor flourished. They've been poisoned by tyranny, dictatorship, hate and persistent acts of genocide.   

The UN dreamed of 'democracy' for all. 'Democracy', the UN declared, was a universal ideal ("Democracy: Overview", United Nations, un.org, no dateretrieved November 13, 2017). The UN declared 'democracy' to be one of its core values and principles (ibid)

This ideal called, 'Democracy' has failed. It's become more of a trickster's game than a politician's goal.Today, it's an empty principle. it's a meaningless value. 

'Democracy' in the world does not advance. it retreats ("Freedom in the world 2017", freedomhouse, 2017). 

Look at the United Nations today. Look at how it spends its time and money. Look at who gets to set the agenda. Do that, and you might come to three conclusions. 

First, those who control the UN are no longer the world's most powerful democracies--that is, people truly interested in freedom and democracy because they practice it themselves. Today, the UN is led by some of the world's biggest despots and human rights abusers (freedomhouse, ibid). They don't have a clue about what human rights or freedom look like. 

They run the UN like foxes in a hen house. They look after their own lusts, not the welfare of the inhabitants.

The second conclusion you might come to is that the UN no longer involves itself with protecting the poor and the endangered. Today, one might argue, the UN has become a predator among the weak, the poor and the endangered (Chris McGreal, "What's the point of peacekeepers when they don't keep the peace?, guardian, September 17, 2015). 

The third conclusion you might come to is that the UN today has become the world's foremost international provocateur for Jew-hate. The UN spends too many billions on programs, committees and reports that demonize Israel, and too little  money on fighting the despots who control the UN agenda (see freedomhouse, above).

Once upon a time, the UN was founded because the horrors and atrocities of the Second World War had been so devastating for so many ("Why was the United Nations established?", theholocaustexplained, 2016, retrieved November 21, 2017). Once upon a time, the UN aimed to show the world a vision of what the world should be (ibid). 

No longer. The United Nations is no longer our moral voice. It is no longer our guardian angel. It's not a place where lovers of Peace gather to build peace. It's become a Temple of Tyrants who seek only power and conquest.

Monday, November 20, 2017

American Jews have a problem. They make the wrong choices

Essayists have been writing about the relationship between Jews in America and Israel. They say Israel is at risk because it drives away American Jews.

They're wrong. It's not Israel that’s at risk. It's America's Jews.

 Essayists say American Jews no longer support Israel with unquestioning loyalty ("The growing gap between Israel and American Jews", moment, November 20, 2017). They've changed, the argument goes. Their feelings toward Israel now run closer to anger and distaste (ibid), not love.

The underlying assumption here is, American Jews today feel only shame and contempt for Israel (Chemi Shalev, "Liberal American Jews' feelings towards Israel now include conspicuous contempt", haaretz, September 11, 2017). They believe Israel has behaved with such ‘self-degradation and auto-humiliation’ that it has 'gone off the rails' (ibid).

What’s Israel done? It's filled itself with values American Jews can’t tolerate (ibid). 

Apparently, Israel has rejected its core values. Israel no longer wants peace with 'Palestinians'. American Jews still do. Israel's leaders are uncouth and ignorant (ibid). America’s Jews demand better.

Worst of all, Israel has become fanatical. It chooses religion over democracy (ibid). That is unacceptable.

That the majority of American Jews cannot identify with Israel comes as no surprise to those who understand the difference between Jews in America and Jews in Israel. Jews in Israel have little to do with Conservative and Reform Judaism, two religious streams that have little-to-nothing to do with the Jewish nature of Judaism. In Israel, only 5% of Jews identify as Reform or Conservative. But in America, fully 53% of Jews identify as Reform or Conservative ("American and Israeli Jews: Twin portraits from Pew Research Center surveys", pewresearchcenter, January 24, 2017).

That choice has consequences. For example, while 98% Israeli Jews say they are married to a Jew, only 44% of American Jews say they are married to a Jew. Indeed, Reform Judaism allows ("does not prevent") its rabbis to perform marriages between a Jew and a non-Jew ("What is the Reform position on officiating at the wedding of a Jew to a non-Jew", reformjudaism, no date, retrieved November 20, 2017).

The consequence of such behavior is a Reform intermarriage rate that approaches 70% (Sandy Goodman, "Bad news for the Jews, bad for America", huffingtonpost, May 26, 2015). In Israel, that rate is negligible.

Is it possible that one reason American Jews increasingly express distaste for Israel is that American Jews are increasingly not Jewish?

Then there's the question of political beliefs. Only 8% of Israelis identify themselves as Leftists. This means that, in Israel, the Left as a viable political force is, essentially, dead (Daniel Greenfield, "Why Israeli Jews are conservative and American Jews are Leftists", frontpagemag, March 17, 2016).

By contrast, 49% of Americans identify as Leftists.

How did America's Jews get so Leftist? They were led there by their leadership (Kobi Erez, "The religion of social justice", timesofisrael, March 29, 2017).

For too long in America, Judaism has been shunted aside. The American Jewish establishment has taught young Jews to turn away from Judaism to adapt instead social justice, something that is not dictated by G-d or by the Torah, but by the leaders of that same Jewish establishment (Erez, ibid).  It worked. American youth (18-26) choose social justice for their religion, not Judaism.

Disengaged from its core religious values, the majority of America's Jews pulls away from the Jewish state.  This majority  promotes 'social justice'. Too many identify with ‘Palestinians’, not Israel (Rotem Starkman, “Israel isn’t a brand some American Jews want to identify with”, haaretz, January 17, 2016).

Since the time of the first Jewish Redemption from Egyptian bondage (slavery), Jews have yearned for freedom. But the Left betrays these Jews. It talks about freedom--but sells bondage. It asks Jews to vote for State control over freedom.

For a century, Leftists around the world have “patiently infiltrated the institutions of influence; Academia, Media, Politics, and the Church. They have operated in the shadows, advancing lies as truth. This past decade has seen what [looks like] the beginning of the final battle between light and darkness. Between freedom and bondage” (Earick Ward, “Plato’s cave and our current reality”, americanthinker, November 19, 2017).

This struggle between freedom vs bondage isn't new. We've seen it before, in the Biblical story of the Exodus from Egypt.

In that ancient Biblical Egypt, Jews had to choose between bondage (remaining in Egypt with non-Jews) or freedom (following the Jewish Moshe—Moses--into the desert).

We know how that former struggle ended: 80% of Egypt's Jews rejected the Jewish Moshe--and what he stood for. They remained with the non-Jews.

Do America's Jews now make the same choice? 

It isn’t American-Israel Jewish 'ties' that fray. It's American Jewry that frays. Its leadership makes the wrong choices, then sells those choices as ‘Judaism’, and ‘pro-Israel’ fakery.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

BDS loses--again, again, again and again

On November 16, 2017, a Spanish Court ruled that a specific BDS-inspired anti-Israel boycott in a Spanish municipality was to be suspended ("Spanish court suspends municipal boycott of Israel", arutzsheva, November 16, 2017). The boycott had been voted upon by a Council of a city called, La Roda de Andalucia. A Spanish court has now issued an interim injunction against this boycott.

While it's always pleasing to see a BDS effort defeated, the real story behind this ruling goes deeper than a simple court-ordered suspension of a single municipality's ruling. It goes to the heart of a serious legal battle unfolding in Spain that pits a series of BDS successes against pro-Israel organizations which have gone to court multiple times against BDS on behalf of Jewish plaintiffs in Spain. 

One of those organizations is called, the Lawfare Project-Spain. 

The Lawfare Project itself is a think tank based in New York. It describes itself as the “legal arm of the pro-Israel community” (“Pro-Israel legal group touts court’s nixing of Spanish city council’s Israel boycott”, thelawfareproject, December 16, 2016). Lawfare Project- Spain operates, obviously, in Spain. It's already won more than 40 injunctions and decisions against the Spanish BDS boycott campaign (Tamar Zieve, "Spanish court suspends anti-Israel boycott in Seville", jerusalempost, November 15, 2017). 

With each court case, Lawfare Project-Spain has successfully argued that Spanish municipal boycott votes against Israel are unconstitutional, and in breach of existing anti-discrimination laws (ibid). Municipal Council members typically come away from these cases saying that "boycotts by public offices are simply illegal" (ibid).

The goal of Lawfare Project-Spain is to reverse Spanish cities' decisions to create a BDS boycott of Israel--and to deter any future pro-BDS municipal decisions (ibid).  After more than a year of lawsuits, Spanish cities have begun to get the message: they are rejecting new BDS motions (“City of Lérida, Spain refuses to boycott Israel”, thelawfareproject, May 26, 2017). Cities have also begun on their own to back away from existing BDS positions they have already installed (“Seven New Legal Victories in Spain Over the Israel Boycott Campaign”, thelawfareproject, August 10, 2017). 

Lawfare Project-Spain isn't the only anti-BDS actor in Spain. There are others. For example, an Israel-based group, ACOM, has fought in Spanish courts against BDS--and won (Lidar Grave-Lazi, "Spanish courts deal doubler blow to BDS Movement", jerusalempost, January 23, 2017). It's won in Madrid and Barcelona (ibid). There is also the Legal Committee against Discrimination, a group of human rights lawyers who fight discrimination and antisemitism in Spain (Lidar Grave-Lazi, "Spanish courts to try leaders of Matisyahu boycott", jerusalempost, February 12, 2017).

The November, 2017 La Roda de Andalucia boycott case is particularly important. It's important for two reasons. First, Andalucia claims to have been the world's first municipality to join the BDS movement with an official anti-Israel boycott ("Press release--Spanish court suspends anti-Israel boycott in La Roda de Andalucia", thelawfareproject, November 14, 2017).  Its mayor has been almost gleeful over his love for BDS. He's gone into the international arena to promote BDS (ibid). But his city's BDS vote has now been termed 'unconstitutional'. Were he to continue to promote BDS, many will indeed wonder if his boycott ideas are legal. They may begin to think twice about following his lead, especially when his own boycott has been ended by court order.

Then, second, this Andalucia ruling is important because it demonstrated that anti-BDS forces can win in court even as BDS uses new, more sophisticated tactics (see below). 

You see, BDS didn't sit idly by as Lawfare Project-Spain (and others) went to court against boycotts of Israeli products. BDS monitored these cases, then refined its municipal boycott motions to account for--and blunt--anti-BDS legal complaints. 

Most significantly, BDS in Spain introduced new language for its boycott motions based upon EU directives for public procurement ("Seven new legal victories...", ibid). The creators of this new language told everyone this new language would work (ibid). BDS promised that these alterations would make these motions "legally impregnable" to anti-BDS lawsuits ("Seven new legal victories...", ibid). The Andalucia ruling--and a similar ruling in Ayamonte, Spain-- make it doubly clear that BDS advocates were wrong. In court, their new boycott language failed (ibid).

This Andalucia ruling is certainly a major step forward for the campaign to stop BDS in Spain.This ruling is also good news for the entire anti-BDS world. It shows how the law can be used to stop BDS hate.

These rulings in Spain are good victories. But the war against BDS is far from over. There's a long road ahead. BDS won't give up.  

We can't give up, either.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Does Israel prepare for war?

On October 30, 2017, Israel's news outlets reported that the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) had destroyed a cross-border 'tunnel network' that had originated inside Gaza and had reached into Israel. The explosions initiated by the IDF killed more than a dozen 'Palestinians', including at least five "top members" of both Islamic Jihad and Hamas ("Rights groups demand IDF follow rescue teams into Gaza tunnel", +972magazine, November 3, 2017). Since then, the virulently anti-Israel Islamic Jihad has threatened retaliation against Israel for this explosion. 

The entire security apparatus in Israel seems to be taking these threats seriously. Shoppers in Jerusalem have seen a clear and obvious increase in uniformed security patrols. Arrests of militant Arabs around the country have increased. Military air traffic overhead has increased.  

These kinds of security measures are not surprising--or new. We've seen them several times since we made aliyah 7 years ago. 

What is surprising, however, are the headlines below. They cover just one 48-hour period, November 13-14, 2017. Take a look:

--“Iron Dome batteries deployed in the center of the country”, November 13, 2017;

--“We will act in Syria according to our security needs”, November 13, 2017;

--"Officer who eliminated terrorist to command Binyamin brigade" [in Samaria region], November 13, 2017;

--“US-Russia ceasefire could leave Iran forces 3 miles from Israel”, November 13, 2017;

--"Tomorrow night: Military exercise in Rosh Hanikra area" [close to Labanon ], November 13, 2017;

--“IDF arrests Islamic Jihad leader in Judea and Samaria”, November 13, 2017;

--“Hamas official: The Oslo [Peace] Accords are dead”, November 13, 2017;

--“IDF closes three tourist sites near Gaza border”, arutzsheva, November 14, 2017;

--“Security Cabinet orders broad deployment of Iron Dome” arutzsheva, November 14, 2017;

--“Military exercise with sirens in the Lower Galilee”, arutzsheva, November 14, 2017;

--“Report: Islamic Jihad terrorists on highest alert”, November 14, 2017;

--“7 arrested in southern Hevron Hills for security offenses”, November 14, 2017;

--“Israel will continue to care for security interests”, November 14, 2017;

--“Iron Dome defense system deployed in Dan region”, November 14, 2017;

-“Iron Dome battery placed near Tel Aviv”, November 14, 2017.
(These headlines come exclusively from arutzsheva)

Then, from other news sites, there's this:

-Stephen Weizman, "Israel issues Syria warning after concern over Iran-backed forces", afp, November 13, 2017; 

-Judah Ari Gross, "IDF deploys Iron Dome, raises alert amid Gaza terror threat", timesofisrael, November 13, 2017;

-Judah Ari Gross, "IDF shuffles brass, promoting new intel chief and censured commander", timesofisrael, November 13,  2017; 

-"Netanyahu  says he told Putin Israel not bound by Syria  ceasefire", timesofisrael, November 14, 2017;

These headlines appeared during a 48-hour period that ended yesterday. They were mixed in with dozens of other news items, so few if any of them seemed urgent. Any impact they might have on a reader would necessarily be diluted by the headlines surrounding them. 

A casual internet news reader might visit a news site three or four times a day. Throughout the day, he would have missed many of these headlines that popped up--and were then pushed aside by other news. Would such a reader notice how many of these stories actually appeared on November 13-14, 2017?

It's when you gather these headlines together in one place  that you realize they aren't casual or neutral. Instead, they  tell a story: over the last 48 hours, something may have changed in Israel. 

Is the IDF organizing and deploying for war? 

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Is Israel Apartheid? Ask Israeli Arabs

It seems that every few months,  some media outlet, anti-Israel organization or politician declares that Israel is an Apartheid state. Do a google search for "Israel is Apartheid!" The results are instructive: almost all of the top 20 search results are the same: UN report: Israel has established an Apartheid regime...Is Israel an Apartheid state? UN report says yes...Israel is an Apartheid state...Neil Macdonald: Israel is an Apartheid state...It's time to admit it. Israel's policy is what it is--Apartheid (These results from Google are dated November 9, 2017, 0955 ET)

Seth Frantzman of the Jerusalem Post puts it succinctly when he says, "Want to see the [Apartheid] cliché up front? Just visit Haaretz’s website and type in “apartheid state” or “Israeli apartheid ” and there’s hundreds of results" ("Terra  incognita: Israel’s self-fulfilling ‘apartheid’ analogy”, jerusalempost, July 17, 2017). A simple Google search proves him correct. 

The Israel-is-Apartheid claim is a lie. It's manufactured and re-manufactured over-and-over again each year by people who hate Israel. Those who hate even claim that this Jew-hate is necessary because of the need for human rights, justice and freedom. 

Human Rights, justice and freedom have never come out of hate. What  comes out of hate is oppression, injustice and enslavement. This was true 100 years ago. It remains true today.

The most aggressive advocate for this hatred of the Jewish state may well be the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement. This fake 'movement' for freedom, justice and equality for 'Palestinians' (BDS Homepage, What is BDS, retrieved November 9, 2017) may tell you that its goal  is to challenge " international support for Israeli Apartheid and settler-colonialism" (Homepage, What is BDSbdsmovement, retrieved November 9, 2017). But that mission statement is fakery. The real goal of BDS is very different--to delegitimize Israel sufficiently in order to destroy Israel (see below).

You can see this  goal in action whenever BDS sponsors its  annual 'Apartheid  Week'. This 'let's hate Israel' feast of fakery is a week-long series of anti-Israeli lectures, programs and propaganda that BDS puts on in February or March, in perhaps 50 locations in more than a dozen countries. This 'Apartheid Week' doesn't seek peace. It seeks to incite against Israel. It doesn't promote love-thy-neighbor,  cooperation or equality. It promotes hatred and intolerance (Patrick Mascoe, "The agenda behind Israel Apartheid Week", moment, March 5, 2013). 

Take a look at a video made by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks about this BDS movement. Watch how he explains BDS' real mission in, "Rabbi Sacks on the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign" (dated February 27, 2017). The video is 6:03 long.  

If you want to see how, in practice, bds actually lies about the world's only Jewish state, you'll need to see more than a six minute video. Another 5,000 words might do the trick, but you may not have time to read such an analysis. Perhaps you should look instead at 5 pictures--you know, because every picture is worth at least 1,000 words, right? 

The pictures below are self-explanatory. They come from Judean People's Front, "Pro-Israel Posters: Arab Israelis 'heart' Israel", israellycool, November 9, 2017.

Take a look :

Who's telling the truth about Israel--the BDS propaganda machine, or the Israeli-Arabs who live and work in Israel?

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Israel: home of 'world's most inventive translations'?

Israel is a wonderful place. It's the world's only Jewish country--and it's unique for that reason.

The land is beautiful. Farm produce is deliciously diverse. The  business climate seems to burst with invention. The people are truly 'Sabra'--prickly on the outside, sweet inside.

Of course, for many who have visited Israel, all this is old news. These intrepid travelers know by experience that Israel is the land of the Jewish cab driver (Hey! look where you're driving!) and the Safardi (Jew of Middle Eastern ancestry) Shuk (open market) seller (I'll give it to you for a discount, but only because I like you). 

Travelers know all about the Jewish Israel.

But there may be something these travelers don't know: Israel may be the world's most inventive translator. 

As proof of Israel's excellence in this field, I offer two examples. The first is fairly simple to enjoy, I think. It's the second example that could win the ultimate trophy-of-excellence.

Both examples come from a local (Israel) community 'Chat Board' we like to refer to as the MAchat community board. It as place where Anglo residents of our town, Maale Adumim, can share info, ask for information, advertise and share practical ideas for living in Israel. This community board is managed by our own Jacob Richman, who has already published more than 34,000 individual posts for us (as of November 4, 2017). Our Anglo community here is the richer because of what he does for us.

Of today's two translation examples, this first one seems the simplest to experience. That is, if you see it, you won't get a correct translation of the Hebrew words on the sign. But you'd certainly get the message:

(picture by Naomi, posted by Jacob Richman at MAchat.co.il,  page number 16,600, November 4, 2017), 

This sign above is meant to warn you. An exact translation would read, 'Danger! open pit' (on the sign, the three-letter Hebrew word would be pronounced, 'boar'; 'boar' in Hebrew means 'pit'). 

I'd say the sign delivers that warning, albeit imperfectly. If you find this sign in this setting, I think you'd understand its meaning.

This next example is very different. It's not in the same league as the one above.

This second sign is one you'd see posted on a highway as you drive perhaps 50-60 mph. Because of your speed, you'd have just a few seconds to read it--and figure it out. 

Put yourself in that position. You're driving on a highway at perhaps 55 mph. You come up to this sign. In an instant, it's gone, passing behind you in a flash . What does this sign tell you? 

(picture by Ashley Coleman, posted by Jacob Richman, MAchat.co.il, May 16, 2017)

If you can't understand the Hebrew on the sign, what are you to make of it as you hurtle down the road? Have you just entered a part of Israel where jobs are easy to get? Or, does the sign carry a different meaning?
The proper translation of the Hebrew on this sign is something like, 'Workers ahead. Go slow'; or, alternatively, 'Workmen ahead. drive slowly'.

Ah, Israel. It's a land which, even as it's demonized by Jew-hate, rises above all other nations to demonstrate what 'invention' really means.

It's true. Many around the world want to destroy us. At best, they want us to go away. But we aren't going anywhere. We ignore the hate. Instead, we invent our own world. We even invent our translations. 

Israel is a place where imagination takes us to our future. 
If you don't understand that, you really haven't spent enough time driving on our roads.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

The Balfour Declaration, Arab supremacy and Abbas

Exactly one hundred years ago today--November 2, 1917--the British Foreign Minister, Arthur James Balfour, revolutionized the Middle East with a single 128-word document. That document is as simple as it is short:

Dear Lord Rothschild,

I have much pleasure in conveying to you, on behalf of His Majesty's Government, the following declaration of sympathy with Jewish Zionist aspirations which has been submitted to, and approved by, the Cabinet.

"His Majesty's Government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country."

I should be grateful if you would bring this declaration to the knowledge of the Zionist Federation.

Yours sincerely,
Arthur James Balfour

(You may wish to note that the 'Palestine' noted in this document is not any pre-existing Arab Palestine; it refers to the name given to the Jewish land of Israel by the Roman Emperor Hadrian almost 1,900 years ago, as part of his attempt to erase the Jewish Israel from the world; until the 1960's, it was commonly accepted that anyone called a 'Palestinian' was a Jew. For example, the forerunner of today's Jerusalem Post was called the Palestine Post. That newspaper was not an Arab paper. It was a Jewish paper  servicing the information needs of the Jewish community in 'Palestine';  at that time, an Arab would often be insulted to be called a 'Palestinian')

For Jews who had prayed for centuries to return to their ancestral homeland, the Balfour Declaration seemed like a Blessing. It certainly triggered a strong immigration of Jews into the Jewish homeland (Conflicting Arab and Jewish responses to the Balfour Declaration" , ijs.org.au,  no date, retrieved November 2, 2017). For Jews today, this Declaration is, arguably, as relevant now to Israel's existence as it was 100 years ago.  

But for today's Arabs, the Balfour Declaration has been no blessing. Instead, it was the first of many curses--in the form of 'catastrophes'--they have endured for 100 years (Zena Tahhan, "100 years on: the Balfour declaration explained", aljazeera, October 29, 2017). The Declaration simply does not conform to the Arab notion that Arabs cannot share anything anytime anywhere with non-Arabs. This is especially true regarding land in Israel: Arab Supremacy dictates that the presence of Jews in Israel is not to be tolerated.

In fact, Arab nations in the Middle East have lived for much of the last 100 years with an ideology of intolerance (Jihan A. Mohammed , "Arab Supremacy", kurdishquestion, 07/11/2014). This ideology is very clear: Arabs are supreme over non-Arabs, and non-Arabs in Arab lands will be treated accordingly. 

On  a daily basis, the Palestinian Authority leads the Arab world in its commitment to this sense of Supremacy. This is why we've seen headlines like these:

-Chana Roberts, "Arab MK: Jews have no right to self-determination", arutzsheva, October 13, 2017;

-Jeremy Sharon, "Temple Mount is for Muslims and Palestinians only", jerusalempost, July 26, 2017;

-Aaron Klein, "Temple Mount 100% Islamic", wnd, 06/01/2008; 

-"Abbas' religious advisor: Israel invading the Temple Mount, a purely Palestinian Islamic site", Official Palestinian Authority paper, Al-Hayat  Al-Jadida, June 30, 2017, per pmw.

-Jonathan Tobin, "Abbas: Arabs in Israel; no Jews in Palestine", commentary, July 30, 2013.

Arab supremacy underlies an Arab-first/Arab-only ideology that encourages Arab nations to exploit and maltreat non-Arab minorities who live with them (Jihan A. Mohammed, ibid). It drives Arab nations to submerge themselves "in a false sense of religious and cultural superiority" (Ali Alyami  , “Arabs: Trapped in Their Superiority Complex”, sharnoffsglobalviews, June 26, 2013).

This sense of superiority is routed in Islamic values. For example, one observer of Islam describes the Arab notion of supremacy this way: “From the beginning of Creation, humans of every race have been wondering which race is the most superior…. Allah created the creation…and He then made them two groups (Arabs and non-Arabs) and made me [the Arab individual] from the best of them [the Arab] (“Superiority of the race of Arabs over non-Arabs”, Islamicvirtues, December 12, 2013).

Islamic supremacy is the basis for Arab supremacy (David French,  "Dispelling the 'few extremists' myth", nationalreview, December 7, 2015). It's also the basis for Arab attitudes towards Israel (ibid). It's why we see these headlines:

-Robert Spencer, "The   Qu'ran: Israel is not for the Jews", meforum, Fall 2009, vol 16, number 4;

-Abdur Rahman Muhammad, "Salafi Imam: we must believe Arabs are master race", singularvoice.wordpress, February 19, 2008;

-"Is Islam just a front for Arab Supremacy?", reddit, no date, retrieved November 2, 2017 [reddit is not the most reliable of sources; but this particular citation seems interesting].

The 128 words of the Balfour Declaration have revolutionized the Middle East. Because of this Declaration, the map of the Middle East has been forever altered. Arab hegemony over the Middle East has been forever changed. The history--both Biblical and secular--of the Jewish people has been forever redirected. Western notions of  equal rights, capitalism and democracy have been brought to a region dominated by supremacist Arab leaders who rule with totalitarian cruelty. 

Mahmoud Abbas objects to this Jewish revolution. He embraces the supremacy of Islam. He embraces Arab Supremacy and the intolerance it generates. 

Abbas will never accept the Balfour Declaration. Never.

The following might be of interest:

Ali Alyami  , “Arabs: Trapped in Their Superiority Complex”, sharnoffsglobalviews, June 26, 2013…

Arab autocracies perpetuate suffering and encourage violence evident by the current tumultuous state of affairs in Arab World….
Arabs in the Middle East are plagued by “…autocratic rulers, whether presidents or kings, give up their authority only when they die; its elections are a sick joke; half its people are treated as lesser legal and economic beings, and more than half its young, burdened by joblessness and stifled by conservative religious tradition, are said to want to get out of the place as soon as they can.”
The ongoing bloody battles between Sunni and Shi’a Arabs in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Bahrain demonstrate the perilous stagnation of educational, social, political (freedom of expression) and economic progress Arab societies have suffered from for centuries.
Having deluded themselves into believing in their cultural and religious supremacy, the Arabs missed at least 100 years of transformational developments which include scientific and technological advancement and the evolution of democratic institutions which made it possible for the individual to think analytically, to explore and invent freely.
As correctly pointed out by historian Bernard Lewis in his famous book, What Went Wrong, the Arabs isolated their societies from the transformative processes that shaped and propelled much of the world from agrarian subsistence into scientifically and politically flourishing nations.
In an unprecedented interview on a Saudi satellite channel, a former member of the Saudi Shura Council, Ibrahim Al-Buleihi, gave a rare assessment of the reasons for Arab backwardness. He, like Bernard Lewis and some notable Arab critics, attributed the lack of Arab political, educational, technological, economic and social progress to Arabs’ rejection of the Industrial Revolution and its empowering values. However, Al-Buleihi went further, saying that the Arabs have submerged themselves in a false sense of religious and cultural superiority which he feels prevents them from benefiting from the gargantuan political and scientific achievements of other societies, especially the West.
During the Western transformational era (Industrial Revolution), Arabs refused to relinquish their centuries-old social and political arrangements such as political and religious totalitarianism and discouragement of self-reliance.
In reality Arab regimes, especially in the oil rich Gulf Arab countries, are still encouraging their populations’ dependence on the state. By clinging to old traditions of isolation and rejection of empowering modern democratic values, the Arab autocracies not only isolate their captive populations from the age of enlightenment, but from each other. Additionally, the false sense of religious, ethnic and cultural supremacy that made most Arabs scornful of non-Arabs and non-Muslims was and still is used by some Arab regimes to turn their people against each other and against Arab and non-Arab societies.
Generations of Arabs have been trained to be suspicious and distrustful of each other within each country based on religious, ethnic and gender differences. This prejudice colors their perception of and relations with their Arab brethren. Moreover, beliefs about who are “the real Arabs” play a major role in Arab societies and how citizens of each country relate to other Arabs. For example, desert dwellers, especially in the Arabian Peninsula, consider themselves “the real Arabs,” but are considered by other Arabs to be backward nomads.
The killing and destruction that are engulfing most Arab countries now, especially the carnage in Syria, are symptomatic of religious intolerance, social stigmatization, gender segregation, political oppression, corruption and scientific backwardness that have resulted from Arabs’ self-inflicted stagnation.
For example, the daily atrocities committed by the autocratic Alawite regime in Syria (aided in part by Lebanese Shi’a Hezbollah) and their mostly Sunni opponents (supported by the Qatari and Saudi autocracies and inspired by the lethal Saudi Wahhabi doctrine) have their roots in similar centuries-old religio-political animosities.
The bloody Shi’a -Sunni conflict raging openly in Syria and other places has detrimental implication for all Muslim societies. A segment of every Arab and Muslim society is Shi’a who have been oppressed by their governments and resented by their Sunni compatriots. The strategic-turned-religious war in Syria is spelling over onto Shi’a citizens in other Arab countries, especially in the oil rich Gulf region, where sizable segments of those societies are Shi’a.
A recent announcement issued by the ministers of the autocratically ruled Gulf Arab states, known as the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), threatened to punish known Hezbollah sympathizers working, residing and doing business in the Gulf Arab states. The reason given is retaliation against the Lebanese Hezbollah outfit that is fighting on the side of Syria’s autocratic Shi’a dynasty. GCC’s ministerial announcement to punish members of Hezbollah residing and doing business in the Gulf Arab states, was echoed by the Qatar-based extremist spiritual advisor to the Muslim Brotherhood, Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi.
Alarmingly, Al-Qaradawi was complimented by the Saudi Mufti, Abdul Aziz Al-Alshaikh, for calling on Sunnis to go and fight Shi’a in Syria. Calling on Sunnis to fight Shi’a in Syria will strengthen oppression of Shi’a by their Sunni governments and will heighten resentments of Shi’a by their Sunni compatriots in their own homelands.
Despite centuries of failures, setbacks and disappointments, one would think that the Arab regimes and societies would have learned that their entrenched ways of doing things have failed them miserably. Sadly, Arab autocracies and theocracies, especially in influential countries like Saudi Arabia, continue to use and emphasize the same values and methods that contribute to social chaos, impede political reforms and prevent technological and scientific advancement.

This is still happening at a time when most Arab citizens, men and women, are educated, aspiring to a better future, economic opportunities and freedom of expression. By continuing their tyrannical and divisive methods of ruling, the remaining Arab autocracies are perpetuating suffering and encouraging violence in their individual countries and among Arab states as shown by the current tumultuous state of affairs in Arab World.