Sunday, March 18, 2018

Need help: once again, it's Windows 10 vs Tuvia Brodie

Some day very soon I shall become a true expert in Windows 10 update issues. It's an honor I do not want.

Based on anecdotal (that is, informal) 'research' completed while under a heightened sense of frustration, I have concluded that, once my involuntary training in this field has finished, I shall join perhaps as many as 400-1000 other abused Windows 10 users who are as frustrated as I am. We will be an exclusive club.

The problem for us poor sods is the fast-becoming horror called the 'Windows 10 update'.  As many of you Windows 10 users know, the 'Windows 10 update' is, typically, an automatic update sent to you. Mostly, it's involuntary. You receive, typically, no choice, just a message that says,'do not turn off computer;  update...'. 

Less than three months ago, I had a major shut-down or freeze-up because of Windows 10 update. I am not an IT specialist. It took me several days to fix. 

I thank everyone who helped me at that time. I am especially grateful for one US reader who got me the solution that worked. 

Now I have a worse problem. This latest problem came with a March 13, 2018 Windows 10 update.

At least, with the late Dec/early January 2018 issue, my computer turned on. I could start it up and do some kind of searching. For this problem, my computer is completely dark. 

Take this morning, for example. Today, I pushed the start-up button, as usual, to start my Dell desktop, Studio XPS computer. What I got for that effort was a black screen. That was more than an hour ago (I'm using my wife's computer right now, which I can borrow only for short periods of time). Right now, my computer screen isn't black. It's now completely bronze, with vertical white lines app 3/8ths of an inch apart, across the entire screen. Lovely.

If what happened last week still holds true, I know what will happen next--maybe: this 'bronzed' screen arrangement will go one for perhaps another 20 minutes (or more). At that point, if I'm lucky, I will get a notice that says the automatic repair of my PC has failed due to an error.

I will have an option to go to 'Advanced options'. There, I find six choices. `Two of them I can't use because I either don't have some kind of 'image disk' that's necessary for a repair; or, because I do not know how to use an option which takes me to a 'Command' something option (it's either a 'C Command' or a 'Command C' choice, I think).

The other four options all fail.

If you are familiar with this stuff, I can report to you I cannot get over to the 'Safe Mode'.

Have any of you got experience with such a problem? 

Can you advise?

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Netanyahu scandals and Israel's democracy

If you’ve been following the most prominent Right-leaning essayists in the Anglo-Israel press, you may have noticed something odd. These elite pro-Israel essayists include, among others, Caroline Glick, Martin Sherman and Isi Leibler. What’s odd is, no one in this Right-leaning group has so far joined the anti-Netanyahu drumbeat that has taken control of Israel's media.

None of these essayists has called upon Netanyahu to resign because accusations of corruption grab press headlines. None call for him to resign because the police investigate him. None demand he resign because he might be indicted.

There are two reasons these writers refuse to join these calls. First, they see Benjamin Netanyahu for what is he; and, second, they understand what he is not.

First, Benjamin Netanyahu is the most competent leader Israel has right now. He has proven repeatedly that—despite his flaws--he can guide this Jewish nation through some of the most dangerous political waters Israel has ever faced.

These writers also understand what Netanyahu is not. He is not one who will ignore the Jew-hate of the Palestinian Authority just to sign a paper marked, ‘peace’. He is not one who believes that the UN and the EU know better than Israel what’s in Israel’s best interest. He doesn’t believe Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas. He bases his policy decisions on these beliefs.

The Left rejects these beliefs. It sees any policies based on such beliefs, ‘criminal’. Therefore, the Left and its media/police supporters will protect Israel against such political ‘crimes’ by removing Netanyahu from office. At a time when Israel is threatened by Iran, Hamas, the Palestinian Authority and the UN, the Left will remove Netanyahu over such critical political issues as bottle deposits, ice cream, cigars and whiskey (see below).

Here are some excerpts from Rightist essayists about their concerns:

--Isi Leibler, "Ever since he was elected to lead the Likud and especially after he became prime minister, the mainstream media – apart from Israel Hayom – has ceaselessly sought to besmirch him and his family. No other democratic leader has been continuously vilified to such an extent. The liberal Israeli media has had more front-page coverage of Netanyahu’s alleged personal failings and vague accusations of corruption than coverage of the turbulent and bloody events in the region that threaten our very survival (“Candidly speaking: dysfunctional politics and disgraceful behaviour", jerusalempost, February 20, 2018).

--Martin Sherman: As [the Left’s] astonished disbelief [that Netanyahu kept winning elections] morphed into visceral rage, a cavalcade of charges was unleashed, admonishing him (and/or his spouse) for irregular use of garden furniture, the employment of an electrician, the proceeds from the sale of recycled bottles; payments to a moving contractor, an inflated ice cream bill (no kidding), the cost of his wife’s coiffure, meals ordered for the official PM residence from restaurants; expenses involving the care of his ailing 96 year old father-in-law…Significantly, several of the investigations into these “grave transgressions” ended with a recommendation by the police to indict. Equally significantly, no indictment ever materialized—usually because of ‘difficulties with the evidence provided’…Indeed, just how ludicrous and uncalled for the relentless witch-hunt appeared to some outside pundits is vividly reflected in a scathing critique of the anti-Netanyahu probes by the ever-incisive Daniel Greenfield, who jeered disparagingly: “Netanyahu’s wife was accused of stealing bottle deposits. ‘Attorney general mulls probe into Sara Netanyahu’s bottle deposits’ isn’t a gag, it’s an actual headline” (“Into the fray: police, press and a politicized Putsch?”, arutzsheva, February 23, 2018).

--Martin Sherman: "...  it is staggering just how petty and vindictive the vicious vendetta against Israel’s longest serving prime minister is—and how utterly irrelevant its alleged incriminations are to both the challenges the nation is facing and to Netanyahu’s fitness, as PM, to meet them...Thus, after over a year of intensive investigations, that spanned several continents and reportedly costing the Israeli taxpayer tens of millions of shekels, all that the police could come up with is that Netanyahu accepted an unseemly amount of smokes and hootch from his long-time buddies—in exchange for which, at the end of the day, they received precisely zilch, nada, zippo!...Really?? (“Into the fray: Coup d'etat?", arutzsheva, February 16, 2018).

Of course, there are many more accusations than “smokes and hootch (whiskey)” just referred to above. But even with these other accusations, Caroline Glick suggests, nothing adds up to jail-time offenses or a reason for Netanyahu to resign.

-Caroline Glick:  “It is easy to get swept away in the flood of prejudicial leaks and biased reporting that have already indicted, tried and pronounced Netanyahu’s guilt. But when you analyze the actual cases being assembled against him, it becomes clear that not only is there nothing there, these probes themselves represent an unprecedented assault on the basic norms of Israel” (“Column One: there is no there here”, jerusalempost,  March 1, 2018).  I suggest to you that the “basic norms” Glick refers to are the democratic ‘rules of law’ Israel is supposed to live by.

Regarding the threat to Israel:

----Martin Sherman: "If Netanyahu is not indicted, or indicted and acquitted, it will be a massive blow to the credibility of the nation’s law enforcement….If he is convicted and forced out of office, many will see this as naked politicization of law enforcement in the country, in effect, a legalistic coup d'├ętat, designed to annul the outcome of elections--and will deal a mortal blow to their faith in the democratic process" (“Coup d'etat”, ibid).

-Caroline Glick: “On their face, these probes are neither supported by sufficient evidence to bring a conviction, nor do they serve the public interest...In Netanyahu’s case, the police’s insufficiently substantiated, arguably specious claims are the subject of around the clock media coverage, fed by constant leaks from police investigators and underpinned by middle-of-the-night arrests of respected citizens. The undisguised goal of this media coverage is to cultivate a sense among the public – without bringing a case to court – that Netanyahu and his friends and advisers are evil crooks who stop at nothing to get their way...If these investigations are successful in forcing Netanyahu from office, he will not be the most significant victim of this abuse. If he goes, every current and future politician will know that at any time and under any circumstances he is liable to find himself and his loved ones destroyed by abusive criminal probes. Operating under such terror, no elected leader will ever move beyond the boundaries dictated for him by politicized police investigators, prosecutors, journalists and judges…In other words, if Netanyahu is forced from office, Israeli democracy will be critically, and possibly irreparably, debilitated” (“Column One: Defending the rule of law”, jerusalempost, February 22, 2018).

If Glick, Sherman and Leibler are correct, Israel's media has a problem. It doesn’t serve the public interest. It serves the forces in Israel that would destroy Israel’s democracy. 

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Springtime in Israel

Even if you've been to Israel, you may still never have seen this Israel (below). You  might want to take a look.

The pictures below come from Nicky Blackburn, "8 unforgettable photographs of spring in Israel", israel21c, March 8, 2018. I haven't posted all the photos from israel21c. Click on the link to see the rest.

As you look at these pictures, please keep in mind that those taken at or near Beersheva and the Negev are true desert photos. What you see here is simply how some of Israel's deserts look in the Spring.  

Sunrise over the fields in southern Israel, near the city of Beersheva. Photo by Edi Israel/FLASH90

A view over Bitronot Ruchama near Kibbutz Ruchama in the western Negev. Photo by Maor Kinsbursky/FLASH90

The Tavor Stream nature reserve. Photo by Anat Hermony/FLASH90

Anemones blossom in the western Negev in southern Israel. Photo by Maor Kinsbursky/FLASH90

Farming in the spring in the lower Galilee. Photo by Gili Yaari/FLASH90

Happy Spring, Israel!

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

AIPAC, Israel--and a Palestinian state?

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) is a very large organization. It attracts thousands to its annual convention.

Its mission is clear. It works to "strengthen, protect and promote the US-Israel relationship" ( aipac, home,  about). It calls itself "America's pro-Israel lobby" (ibid).

On  Sunday, March 4, 2018, Howard Kohr, the chief of this Jewish lobby, stood before an annual AIPAC convention audience estimated at 18,000 and sought to strengthen the US-Israel relationship by calling for the establishment of a Palestinian state (David Rosenberg, "Why is AIPAC pushing Palestinian statehood?", arutzsheva, March 5, 2018). 

Many in Israel have a problem with Jews calling for a Palestinian state. You see, many in Israel aren't sure Palestinians really want a state.

The Palestinian Authority certainly says it wants to establish a state. But does it?

What you are about to see is simple. It's a poster. It asks a simple question. 

This graphic below comes from the blogsite, elderofszyion. It was posted originally there January 19, 2014. Its point is still pertinent. It reminds us of how people behave when they truly want a state.

Please page down:

Posted  by Elder of Ziyon

If the 'Palestinians' really wanted a state, would they make so many demands? 

Monday, March 5, 2018

War and Destiny in Israel: Netanyahu vs the Left

There’s a war unfolding today in Israel, and it has no direct link to Arabs, Palestinians or Muslims (at least, not yet). This is a war of Jew vs Jew. It’s a war of Jewish liberal Leftists in Israel against Israel’s non-Left Jewish Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Until 1977, Israel’s Left ruled Israel with virtually absolute control (Daniel Greenfield, “Netanyahu vs the Left’s Deep state”, frontpagemag, February 22, 2018). Now, it’s been twelve years since it’s won anything important. In politics, twelve years is ‘forever’.
The Left is out of power because of Benjamin Netanyahu (David Wilder, “The leperization of Bibi Netanyahu”, jerusalempost, February 20, 2018). At the ballot box, Netanyahu wins. The Left loses. 

The Left wants its power back. But how can it beat Netanyahu? It believes it can beat him by getting him arrested (Greenfield, ibid).

The Left could succeed—if the police and the media help. They help, eagerly (Caroline Glick, “Defending the rule of law”, jerusalempost, February 22, 2018).

This war against Netanyahu could be the Left’s finest hour—if it wins. But if it loses, this could be its last war. It could end up disgraced. It could lose everything.

This is the ultimate war for who governs. It’s not a fight for votes. It’s an anti-democracy campaign to get rid of a sitting PM outside the ballot-box, using accusations of scandal and criminality. It’s a war where the winner will take all and—metaphorically speaking--the loser will bleed to death.

It’s already been suggested that this war could be the most scandalous political confrontation in Israel’s history (Isi Leibler, “Candidly speaking: dysfunctional politics and disgraceful behaviour”, jerusalempost, February 20, 2018). It’s nasty—and it’s been professionally orchestrated by Left-leaning police and media (Leibler, ibid) who’ve spent millions on this campaign.

 The press hounds Netanyahu with an  all-out attack mentality: he’s corrupt. He must resign. He’s nothing more than a mafia-style, greedy thug. His wife is the same.

The police aren’t much better than the press. Unauthorized leaks from ‘confidential’ police investigations continuously paint Netanyahu as guilty. Almost every leak seems to suggest that the police are only days away from discovering the proverbial smoking gun.

We’re still waiting for that discovery.

The police pursue Netanyahu with the relentlessness of a Sherlock Holmes. But that doggedness is undercut by all the leaks. If the police case is strong, why keep leaking unproven accusations?

There are at least five cases against Netanyahu: Case 1,000 (bribery from wealthy friend), Case 1270 (bribing a judge), Case 2,000 (colluding with a newspaper owner), Case 3,000 (re: German submarine deal) and Case 4,000 (re: Bezeq media company). All of these cases involve bribery or ‘corruption’.

Last week, the press told us the police would grill Netanyahu as a suspect in two cases--3,000 and 4,000.

On March 2, 2018, the police did not do what they said they’d do. They visited Netanyahu. They discussed Case 4,000. But they didn’t question him at all about Case 3,000 (the submarine ‘scandal’). Mind you, we’ve been told that this submarine scandal was the very worst case of graft in Israel’s history (“Lapid says submarine scandal worst graft case in Israeli history”, timesofisrael, July 12, 2017). But, curiously and without explanation, the police didn’t ask him about it, even though they’d said they would.

The press completely ignored this turn of events. In a charged anti-Netanyahu atmosphere, the press wasn’t interested in a potentially pro-Netanyahu occurrence. Instead, the press turned to Case 4,000 and hit Netanyahu hard (“Critics slam Netanyahu as Bezeq graft case gains steam”, timesofisrael, March 3, 2018; “Concrete suspicions, solid evidence against PM in Bezeq case—TV report”, timesofisrael, March 2, 2018; Gidi Weitz, “The evidence that swayed the Israeli Attorney General in Netanyah’s new media case”, haaretz, March 2, 2018; Revital Hovel, “Police question Netanyahu for over five hours; wife also grilled simultaneously”, haaretz, March 2, 2018).

Israel’s Left says it attacks Netanyahu to protect our democratic, liberal Israel. But these attacks reveal evidence of undemocratic behaviour in every segment of the Left’s ‘democratic’ infrastructure—the press, the courts, the police and the rule of law (see Glick, Leibler, Greenfield, above for details).

The Left hates Netanyahu. It wants him gone. But if Glick, Greenfield and others are correct, these Left-driven attacks against Netanyahu don’t protect our democracy. They threaten to destroy our democracy.

The Left also, by the way, hates our Torah. The Left wants ‘democracy’ in Israel, not Judaism. But the Left is ignorant. It ignores the fact that Israel’s Biblical Destiny isn’t built on ‘democracy’. It’s built on our Torah.

If these Leftist attacks fracture our democracy, it could create a political and religious upheaval that could trigger the Jewish Redemption. Is this where these attacks are headed?

Stay tuned. This war advances every day. It’s a war that could end with a bang of Biblical proportions.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Today is Purim. Here is a Purim story

(last update: March 5,  2018)

Today, March 1, 2018,  is the Jewish holiday of Purim. This is the day each year (the 14th of the Hebrew month, Adar) Jews around the world celebrate how the Jewish people in ancient Persia (modern Iran--or, alternatively, modern Iraq-Iran) were saved from the genocidal scheme of the wicked Haman  (the Persian king's chief advisor). Haman wanted to kill, annihilate and destroy the Jews--including all the men, women and children. The king of Persia gave him permission to do that. 

But, through the efforts of a woman we call,  Queen Esther, Haman failed. Everything he wanted to do to the Jews was done to him and his family.

Purim is a happy day. It is a day when, in ancient Persia, fear and trembling were transformed into happiness and rejoicing.

To celebrate, each year on this Hebrew date, we read Meggilat Esther in public --the story of how Queen Esther saved us all. As part of this celebration, we dress up in costumes. We drink. We feast. We distribute gifts of food to our friends. We give food to the poor. 

In Israel--and, often, elsewhere in the world--we hold parades down a main street filled with children in costume. Many of these parades showcase giant parade floats depicting the participants of the Purim story--the beautiful Esther, the bad king Ahashverus, the wicked Haman and the wise Mordechai. It is a fun-filled family event.

We are called upon to be merry. Telling jokes isn't typically part of a family's Purim celebration. But, in the Purim spirit, jokes do get told.

I have found a joke for your merriment. I'm calling this joke a 'story' because it's about the old Soviet Union, which wasn't very kind to Jews. Since I have many readers who come to my blog from Russia--and since I live in a community here in Israel that has a strong Russian citizenry--I tell this Purim story to remind us all that the fears Jews of ancient Persia  suffered in our Purim story were felt every day for many Jews in the old Soviet regime. 

I found this Purim 'story' at the blogsite, elderzyion. It was posted there yesterday, February 28,  2018, under the title, "An oldie but goodie (Purim joke)".

If you live in Russia, or know about Jewish history in the old Soviet Union, you will appreciate this joke. In fact, it might be easy enough to understand even if you know knowing about Jewish life in the old Soviet Union. Indeed, the joke's punch-line reveals a reality Jews have lived with for millennia:

In the 1970's, a Russian school inspector is questioning the children. He points to one of the boys and says, "Who is your father?" 

The boy replies, "The Soviet Union." 

He then asks, "Who is your mother?" 

"The communist party," came the reply. 

"And what do you want to be when you grow up?" 

"I want to be a Stankhanovite worker for the glory of the state and the party." 

The inspector then points to one of the girls and asks, "Who is your father?" 

The girl answers, "The Soviet Union." 

"Who is your mother?"

"The communist party." 

"And what do you want to be when you grow up?" 

"A heroine of the Soviet Union raising lots of children for the state and party." 

The inspector looks round and sees a Jewish boy tucked away at the back trying to look inconspicuous. He points and says, "What's your name?" 

The boy replies, "Mendel Abramovitch." 

"Who is your father?" 

"The Soviet Union." 

"Who is your mother?" 

"The communist party." 

"And what do you want to be when you grow up?" 

Mendel replies, "An orphan."


Our Purim story did not, apparently, occur in a Soviet-like environment. Except for Haman, the Jews back then in Persia might have felt relatively safe and comfortable--until Haman. 

Jewish history is filled with dangers to Jews--and few places were more dangerous than the old Soviet regime. 

Today, many Jews from that old regime are in Israel. In a sense, they have been redeemed just like (perhaps) the Jews of ancient Persia were saved from Haman.

 Happy Purim!!!!

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Three cartoons to explain where anti-Netanyahu accusations will lead

If you like political cartoons, today could be your lucky day. You won't just see one cartoon here. You'll see three.  

These cartoons won't simply give you a political opinion. They might also give you an informed idea about where Israel could be headed after more than two years of headlines charging Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with corruption and bribe-taking. 

These cartoons all come from one cartoonist--Shlomo Cohen. They come from one source--israelhayom

You'll see the cartoons as they appeared between February 15, 2018-February 22, 2018, inclusive. They represent every cartoon Cohen posted on israelhayom during this eight-day period.

Here are the cartoons:

1. Dated February  15, 2018:


The image above shows Israel's bearded Attorney General (AG), Avichai Mandelblit, sticking his head out of his office to look at a 'heap' of police 'recommendations' against PM Netanyahu. As depicted in this cartoon, Israel's top cop, Police Commissioner Roni Alsheich, actually needs a min-bobcat to deliver his recommendations--there are that many to deliver.

In Israel, it is the police who investigate accusations of criminal activity by elected officials. It is they (the police) who decide if accusations have merit. 

If the police conclude that accusations have no merit, the case opened against the accused politician is dropped. But if the police believe their investigations have revealed credible evidence of a crime (bribery, graft, corruption, breach of trust, theft, etc), they publish a 'recommendation to indict' against the accused politician.

This recommendation goes to Israel's Attorney General. That (the delivery) is what you see in the cartoon above. Once the AG accepts the recommendation(s), he and his staff must then complete their own inquiry into the case, independent of what the police have done. Ultimately, it is the AG's responsibility to determine whether or not evidence collected by the police is prosecutable.

If the AG deems the evidence is strong enough to take to court, the accused politician will be scheduled to go on trial. If the AG determines the evidence in his possession to be unconvincing, the accused politician is free to get on with life.

The first cartoon (above) shows police 'recommendations-to-indict' being delivered to the AG. The cartoon also shows the Israeli public. It sits at home watching all this unfold on the evening news. The public wonders if these 'recommendations' (to indict the Prime Minster) are actually true--in which case they are serious (the 'mountain ')--or, if they are just more anti-Netanyahu political attacks, in which case they are just noise--a 'molehill'.

Right now, the cartoon suggests, no one knows. But everyone is watching.

2. Dated February 21, 2018: 

Background: As each of the multiple investigations against Netanyahu and his family have unfolded, supposed "details" of what the police have discovered about Netanyahu's alleged corruption have been leaked to the press. Not to be too unkind, it's probably accurate to describe these leaks as 'like a sieve'.

It works like this: Police start an investigation. Headlines proclaim Netanyahu is being investigated for corruption. 

Then the wickedness begins: first, we hear that nothing will be revealed because the investigation is confidential--then, we hear, Look! dramatic evidence revealed!--Netanyahu is going down!--oh, look: the dramatic 'evidence' turns out to be nothing--no, wait!--Look at this!--Netanyahu is corrupt--more explosive evidence!--he's going down! etc, etc.

Netanyahu hasn't been sitting quietly as all of this drama trashing him gets played out on the evening news. He's been fighting back. He and his supposedly shrinking number of friends are calling these  attacks a 'witch hunt'--an attempted coup--a media hijack--a 'Putsch' attempt--trying to do in the media what the Left has failed to do at the ballot box--etc, etc.

One final note about this second cartoon: some of the cases against Netanyahu have been classified by number, not by a name. This second cartoon refers to four of the cases by their number: case 1000, case 2000, case 3000, case 4000.

The cartoonist here suggests that the Police Commissioner (shown in the cartoon) may not be objective. He is shown here busily manufacturing "cases" against Netanyahu.

Here's the cartoon. It appeared February 21, 2018:

This cartoon has a definite political slant. The police, the cartoon suggests, are out to get the Prime Minister.

At this point, no one knows if that's true. 

3. Dated February 22, 2018:

The final of the three cartoons sums up what the consequences of these attacks and the subsequent 'recommendations' against Netanyahu might be. The consequence you'll see in the cartoon below has just last week received an  extraordinary twist, one that could favor Netanyahu: last week, new revelations appeared of yet another bribery attempt by a Netanyahu confidant. 

But this last accusation has more than one story-line. It suggests a potential that crimes have been committed by those who may not exactly support Netanyahu. 

The accusation of this new story appears so riveting that even the most news-weary will sit up. As one writer put it, the accusation this time was difficult to classify. Was it about corruption--or stupidity? (Chen Ma'anit, "Nir Hefetz could be the final nail in Netanyahu's coffin", globes, February 20, 2018). That's how weird this latest accusation seems.

In this incident, we are expected to believe that one Nir Hefetz, a Netanyahu confidant, went to a judge known for her honesty with an offer that sounds like "it came from the mafia" (ibid). The bribe offer was allegedly this: if that judge dropped a criminal probe for mismanagement of funds against the PM's wife (one of criminal cases against the Netanyahu family), she (the judge) would become Israel's next Attorney General. 

Did that really happen? 

The potentially complicating factor here is that, at the time the offer was made (two years ago), the intended recipient--the honest judge--did nothing about the bribe (if it was, as alleged, made). It's also possible that not telling the police about a bribe offer like this could itself be a crime.

Well, this depiction is not entirely true (Here comes the story's 'twist'). This judge actually did do something about the supposed offer. She told a friend about it.

But that friend wasn't just any friend. That friend was a sitting judge on Israel's High Court (that is, Israel's Supreme Court). 

If you are a lawyer, you may already be sitting up. Such behavior by a judge (not reporting a bribe offer to the police) is not exactly 'appropriate'.

The honest judge (the target of the supposed bribe offer) told her Supreme Court friend about the offer. That Supreme Court friend then...did nothing.

According to Caroline Glick, that's a crime ( Caroline Glick, "Column One: Defending the rule of law", jerusalempost, February 22, 2018). Interestingly, no one working overtime to drum Netanyahu out of office for corrupting the 'rule of law' has seen fit to comment about these two breaches of judicial ethics by two important judges. Apparently, such a story doesn't fit the narrative that 'Netanyahu-is-corrupt-and-must-therofore-go'. 

The Israeli public doesn't know what the truth is. No one seems to know if a bribe offer this stupid was made. No one knows if that Supreme Court judge--now the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court--committed any crime by refusing to go to the police until now, when half of Israel plays a game of 'political pile-on' against Netanyahu. 

Therefore, this third-and-last cartoon suggests, the real consequence of all of this noise might turn out to be pretty simple. This cartoon came out February 22, 2018:

This cartoon shows four doors, each marked with a  criminal case number. Each criminal case, the cartoonist suggests, leads to the next,  higher-number case. The ultimate end could be a new national election for Israel, where the voters will have to determine Netanyahu's fate, not a potentially corrupt Court.     

This is an interesting suggestion because, as more and more accusations have appeared against Netanyahu, the more positive have become poll results for his Likud Party. 

These polls appear to suggest that if elections were held today, Netanyahu could be re-elected. He could even end up  with a stronger ruling (that is, pro-Netanyahu) coalition than he currently has. 

This is an important point. It suggests that the Israeli public is beginning to smell a very nasty rat: Leftists who would rather take over Israel through lies and personal attacks in a compliant-and-Leftist-press than take their chances at the ballot box (Glick, ibid). 

I've already speculated (almost seven months ago) that these accusations against the PM, if untrue or exaggerated, might make Netanyahu more powerful than ever, not less powerful ("Will Netanyahu go to jail?", tuviabrodieblog, August 4, 2018). If that happens, Netanyahu's enemies could find themselves not just defeated but--potentially-disgraced and driven from politics for having dragged us through the gutter for so many months with so many untrue, horrific stories about our nation's leader. 

Is this where we're headed? Or, will Netanyahu be the one disgraced, defeated and driven from office?

Stay tuned. These cartoons show us that this political thriller has just begun.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Peace with Israel--'Palestinian' style

Once again, the Palestinian Authority has had its 'peace' mask ripped off (Bassam Tawil, "Palestinians: Abbas's lies and falling mask", gatestoneinstitute, February 14, 2018). The reason for no peace in this region isn't Israel. The reason for no peace here is Palestinian hate, incitement and indoctrination against Israel (Gregg Roman, "UNRWA: the greatest obstacle to peace", israelhayom, February 7, 2018). 

The Palestinian lie about 'peace' won 't go away. Abbas still today says he wants to pursue peace talks with Israel ("Defying US, Abbas seeks greater role for Russia in peace talks", dailysabah, February 8, 2018). But that's a lie, as you'll see in a moment. 

Unmasking the Abbas peace lie doesn't require a PhD in some arcane subject. All you have to do is look at a map. 

You may have seen the map below before. You might want to look again. Why? 

So long as Mahmoud Abbas continues to go to the United Nations to declare that he wants "to live in peace and security side by side with Israel" (Full text: Palestinian President Mahamoud Abbas' address to UN General Assembly", haaretz, September 20,  2017), you need to see the maps below to understand that he lies. 

The video I have for you today is very short. It's less than two minutes. It asks a simple question: if Palestinians want to live side-by-side in peace beside Israel (as they claim to the UN), why do they always erase Israel from all their maps?

Good question, right?

To one who understands what a map of modern Israel looks like, this question about erasing Israel isn't just about erasure. It's about something else, too. It's also about replacing Israel with the Palestinian's 'Palestine'.  

This dream of erasure/replacement is illustrated clearly by Palestinian maps. All the maps of Palestine show Israel being replaced.

That's not a dream of peace. It's the embodiment of conquest.

To see how this erasure/replacement works, start first with a map of modern Israel:

  Image result for the map of modern Israel
courtesy of stockmapagency  

The map of Israel is the purple and light-green portions of this map. Notice the following items:

-there is a  'thumb' portion of Israel that sticks up, in the upper right-side of the map, where you'll see Israel's northern border. That border isn't a straight line. It's only partially straight--until it gets to the part that sticks up. See it? Remember that 'thumb'. You'll see it often on the maps of the Palestinians' Palestine. 

-Notice the light green portion in the middle of the map, labelled 'West Bank'. That portion of the map hollows out the center portion of Israel. The far right side of that light green portion is an almost straight up-down (north-south) red line. See that? Visualize this map with no light green portion, but with that straight up-down line (border) from the very top of the map to the very bottom. Visualize this eastern border as a simple straight line top-to-bottom. 

-Notice the left-side (Western) border. That border is shaped by Israel's coastline with the Mediterranean Sea. Look at the small 'notch' (or, indentation) just below the top line. See it?Remember how it reaches all the way north. Remember it because you'll see it often on the maps of the Palestinians' Palestine. 

Notice how, where the southern (bottom) border begins its travel up the coastline--the border makes an almost sharply angled turn to head north. You'll see that, too, on Palestinians' maps of Palestine.

-Notice the southern-most (bottom) portion of the map. The bottom of Israel looks like a 'V'. Remember that, too.

Now look at a map of the 'Palestine' the Arabs say they want as their own state. Compare this map below with the map of Israel above:

Image result for palestine map 2016
courtesy of palestinianmediawatch

This map of Palestine is not an exact image of Israel. It's somewhat stylized, which means that it isn't designed to conform precisely to an actual map. 

But this mildly stylized picture is close enough to an accurate map of Israel for you to see how the major geographic features of Israel (in the first map above) match almost exactly the major features here: the 'thumb' that sticks up on the northern border; an almost straight line down on the right side (eastern border); the coastline on the left, with the 'notch' near the top; the deep 'V' at the bottom of the map; and the sharp angle on the left side of the green portion of the map as the border begins its run north along what is (in real life) the coastline.

The map of 'Palestine' is actually the map of Israel. This map of Palestine sometimes gets highly stylized. This means that, sometimes, an artistic rendering of the map of Palestine omits some feature or other of the map of Israel. But all Palestinian map contain at least three of those features. 

'Palestine' is not featured as side-by-side with Israel. It is featured as a replacement of Israel.  

To see this stylization of the Israeli map as 'Palestine', take a look at the video below. It's short, as mentioned above. This video is less than 2 minutes. It's from the  website, elderofzyion. It's called, "Peace--Palestinian style". It's dated September 4, 2011. 

The maps you are about to see are part of logo designs for Palestinian clubs and organizations. These logos appear  throughout the Palestinian Authority. 

In each logo, the map of Palestine is rendered in strong colors. For example,  the first map you're about to see is all red, and right in the middle of the logo. The second map is black, the third map is green, etc. 

Some of the maps, like the first (red) one you'll see, appear fairly accurate. The second map is squared off, but still shows something of the general shape, etc.

Take a look:

These maps of the new Arab-Muslim state of Palestine simultaneously erase Israel and replace Israel. This representation of the conquest of Israel is the source of the question: if the Palestinians really want to live side-by-side with Israel in peace, why do Palestinian maps always erase and replace Israel?

Can you explain that? 

The explanation is simple: the Palestinian goal has nothing to do with peace. That goal is about conquest. 

Abbas lies. These maps unmask him. 

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

How to avoid Israeli brutality

You've probably heard about Israeli 'brutality'. This is a favored claim promoted by officials of the Palestinian Authority (PA) against Israel. You often see such accusations after a PA-inspired confrontation between Arabs--usually involving teens--and IDF soldiers has ended with Arab casualties.

In such instances, the headlines are clear: "Palestinian teen killed by IDF". 

Ah, yes, you are expected to say to yourself: another Arab victim of Israeli brutality.

What has typically happened in these incidents is that an Arab teenager who has set out to attack IDF soldiers--either alone or as part of a group--gets himself seriously injured or killed by the IDF. Of course, this is what usually happens when you use a knife to attack someone with a gun. But when this accusation of 'brutality' is made, few ask, what was that teenager doing participating in that confrontation in the first place?

No one needs to ask this question because the teen's parents are usually quoted as saying, their teenager wasn't part of the confrontation. He wasn't involved. The teen was simply on his way to the market for some milk when an IDF soldier shot him. 

From the PA's point of view, all Arab teens are innocent. All IDF soldiers are brutal animals. 

Arab teens wouldn't hurt anyone. Israelis, however, are different. They shoot Arab children walking to the market.

This Israeli brutality is horrible. Can it be prevented? The Israeli studio, Rogatka Productions, says, yes. That brutality can indeed be stopped.

This studio has made a video to explain it for you. The video is short--48 seconds.  

I found this video on the website, frontpagemag. The title is, "How to avoid Israeli brutality", February 21, 2018.

Take a look:


Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Violence and tragedy: where the answer is more important than the question

A reader has sent to me the following.  All she knows about this is, she received it from a friend. She sent it to me. 

That's all I know. 

She has  sent a question and an answer. The question might have been prompted by a recent attack in a school in America. It was a terrible, horrible attack.

This question is a good one. It's one that can be asked any time regarding any school anywhere in the world. 

It's a question that's been asked many times. It makes people think about G-d. It makes many people angry at G-d. 

But that anger is wrong. That anger is misplaced--very misplaced.  

What's important about this question isn't the anger it generates. It's the answer that's important. 

It's a simple answer. It applies to all of us. It applies to all of our schools anywhere around the world.

Please page down:

Simple enough, yes?

Sunday, February 18, 2018

America: the Jewish diaspora story

The essayist Vic Rosenthal (creator of the blog, abuyehuda)has published an essay about a small Jewish community in California (“What happened to my home town”, abuyehuda, February 15, 2018). His story isn’t just about one small Jewish point within the vast American landscape. This story is, he says, a tale about Jewish diaspora. If he’s correct, it’s not a happy story.

He writes about Fresno California. Fresno has a population of perhaps 525,000. It doesn’t have many Jews—perhaps 1,000 Jewish families.  

 Fresno has one Reform Temple with about 300 families, a now-tiny Conservative synagogue and a Chabad house (ibid). The Jewish Federation of Central California is based there. 

Rosenthal spent the better part of his life in Fresno. During the time he was there, he became active in Jewish and Zionist affairs (ibid). He says he lived in Fresno 26 years before making aliyah (for the second time) in 2014.

He describes a growing anti-Israel attitude taking hold in Fresno.  During and after the Second Lebanon War of 2006 and the mini-wars in Gaza, he notes, there were anti-Israel demonstrations organized at first by “peace” groups. Then, led by activists associated with an ‘Islamic Cultural Center’, the anti-Israel protests attracted more and more Muslims (ibid).

Over time, the larger Jewish community in Fresno seemed to become apathetic about supporting Israel. He believes today that, as time went by, more and more of Fresno’s Jews seemed to become actively anti-Israel, especially after the election of Barak Obama.

In particular, the Reform temple in Fresno became less and less hospitable to pro-Israel presentations (ibid). A new rabbi took over in 2011.  On several occasions he wouldn't welcome speakers or films that presented a Zionist point of view because, he would say, they were “divisive” (ibid). 

Instead of supporting Israel, this Reform Rabbi emphasized interfaith activities. But he was selective about what he meant by ‘interfaith’.  He seemed not to include Fresno’s Evangelical community, which was, by the way, extremely pro-Israel. He appears to have associated instead with Fresno’s Islamic Center and with liberal denominations. He seemed quite proud of his “friendship” with the Imam of the Islamic Center. He even helped the Imam denounce alleged “Islamophobia”. 

Every year, the Fresno Jewish Federation, along with the community’s synagogues, organizes an Israel Independence Day event. This was typically held at the Reform Temple, the largest facility available.

This annual Israel Independence Day ‘celebration’ is Rosenthal's focal point in this essay. He wasn’t present during planning discussions (he lives in Israel) for the upcoming 2018 celebration. But he says he’s in contact with friends still in Fresno--and what they told him about what will happen at this year’s Israel Independence Day celebration shocked him.

It seems that the theme suggested by the planning chairperson (from the Federation) was, “A Free People in Our Land”. These words come from Israel’s anthem, “Hatikva”, which expresses the Jewish desire to be free once again, as Jews, in our own Holy land.

But such a theme was unacceptable to the Reform rabbi. He reportedly said that many in Israel were not free, most importantly himself. He said that in Israel he was a “second class” Jew who is “not free” to practice his religion (ibid).

This is absurd, Rosenthal says, because this rabbi can walk into any one of numerous Reform synagogues in Israel and practice his religion.

Worse, the rabbi objected to such a theme because celebrating “A Free People in Our Land” would upset his interfaith group (ibid). It might lead to a “huge outcry” in Fresno and possible protests at the gate of the temple!

The theme was changed to “People in Our Land.” Suddenly, a proud Zionist statement (A free people in our land) was converted into a celebration of multi-culturalism.

Rosenthal adds, the idea of observing Israel’s Independence Day without mentioning freedom or suggesting that the land belongs to the Jewish people is certainly original. This particular rabbi was always on the liberal end of the spectrum, Rosenthal says, but he couldn’t ever imagine this rabbi saying something like this even a few years ago.

This Fresno story, Rosenthal adds, illustrates the danger of “interfaith engagement”. This Reform rabbi seems to have abdicated his own identity as a Jew to appease a group that is implacably hostile to the Jewish state. 

The rabbi has let them dictate what Jews are allowed to say about the Jewish state.

How does this well-meaning “Jewish leader” serve his People? He doesn’t. He serves rather as a tool for those who hate Jews, Judaism and Israel. He facilitates the control of Fresno’s Jewish population by hostile others.

Rosenthal says this rabbi is a well-known figure in Diaspora history. At times, such individuals were merely targets for contempt. But at other times – such as during the Holocaust – they played more sinister roles.

Rosenthal concludes that this Fresno story is a classic Diaspora story. It serves as a lesson in Zionism. It teaches that the Jewish people need a sovereign state because they need to live somewhere they can actually be a free people, where they don’t have to worry about what an “Interfaith Alliance” might think about the theme of their Independence Day event.

In 2018, if things stand as they are now, Fresno’s Israel Independence Day celebration won’t be about Jews finally having their own, Jewish state. It will be a celebration of “People”.

You don’t need to wonder if this Fresno story will become your Diaspora story. Make aliyah. Then, you'll be free to celebrate Israel's Jewish Independence Day as it should be celebrated.